Bookbinding class

This past fall I took a four week bookbinding class at the Burnaby Art Gallery with book artist Sara Graham. It was such a joy!! I just love books and working with my hands and I love the feeling of taking raw materials like paper and glue and with time and effort, transforming them into something new! 

I feel like it has unleashed a new creative fever! Since starting that class I have made over 40 books to date.

While at design school I learned how to make a hinged book using book cloth and Chicago screws and using those limited skills I created a number of books that were used in projects. But since I graduated in 2000 I put it aside and just never picked it up again.

Here are the 4 books I made during class. Front left:  pamphlet stitch book with blue pastel paper cover and decorated with black ink designs (ink design was added back in my studio). Front right: Japanese Stab binding with Japanese paper cover and embellishment. Back left: accordion book with pamphlet inserts. Back right: Coptic stitch bound book. 

Here are a few of the books I have made over the past few months. Most of them are Coptic stitch, which I am in love with.