ARTS 2018!

Oh wow!! What great news! My monotype painting 'Natural Transitions 08' has been juried into the ACS's ARTS 2018 show at the Surrey Art Gallery!! 

Please join the party at the Gallery on June 29th, 7-9pm for the opening of this fantastic annual show! Hope to see you there!!


kg_2018_monotype_22x28_Natural Transistions 08.jpg

About the Natural Transitions series:

Natural Transitions 08 is part of an abstracted landscape series, created in monotype, that explores the ever-changing transition between water and land.  I find myself mesmerized by the relationship playing out along the shore's edge moment by moment;  


water rolls in 

        water rolls out 

  never the same path twice 

                 subtly changing the land 


I choose the medium of monotype to express my fascination because this artistic process creates a one-of-a-kind atmospheric print with ethereal qualities that captures the elusive relationship of water meeting land.