Tiny Library

For the past few months I have been working on this tiny library. My friend give me this wonderful tin container for my birthday. While deciding what to put into it and holding it at different angles, inspiration hit and I finally saw 'bookcase'.


This Tiny Library of 31 books is made up of bits around my studio.  Each book is small than three inches square.


Some are pamphlet stitch books...


These are colour spectrum books in Coptic stitich... 


More tiny Coptic stitch books (the covers are made up of a package of chip board pieces that have been kicking around so long in the Studio, I don't know where they came from.)


Some long stitch binding books with water colour paper covers and closure incorporated into the cover... 


And an accordion book with little landscapes done in water soluble ink and pencil. This was such a fun project, I hope to start another soon!