About Monotype

"How about them apples?" monotype painting, 50cmx50cm framed

"How about them apples?" monotype painting, 50cmx50cm framed



Within the world of fine art there is a unique printmaking process called monotype.  Pieces are created by manipulating paint or inks on a smooth work surface then transferring the paint and design to paper by applying pressure by hand or by press.  ‘Mono’ is a Greek word meaning one, single, or only, and ‘type’ means impression. Monotype printmaking produces one-off pieces that cannot be replicated. Similar looking pieces can be created when using the same colours, tools, and techniques but each print will be truly unique.

Monotype art is a centuries old but little known art medium that goes back over 350 years. Italian printmaker Giovanni Bennedetto Castiglone is credited with the discovery of monotype when he made one-of-a-kind pieces by painting on a smooth plate using oily ink and transferring the image to paper though a press.

Creating monotypes is an adaptable art medium that is well suited to both the intuitive as well as the precision artist. Monotype art is filled with spontaneity as each pulled print yields a delightful surprise. 

My monotypes are created on a smooth surfaced and printed by hand, not a press.  Finished works on paper are either framed or collaged to canvas then covered with a pouring medium - protecting them and making them ready to hang.  I create my monotypes in acrylic paint and sometime heighten them with other drawing media such as oil or chalk pastels. 

Monotype art is a wonderful artistic medium for beginners to experienced artists and everyone in between as each piece holds surprises that cannot be repeated. I often find myself getting lost in the spontaneous process and am surprised when I awaken to results I see and could never have planned. My monotype art currently explores abstracted landscapes and calming textures.

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